Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Birthday Boy Pictures

Here are some more pictures of my sweet boy from his birthday celebrations. We actually did not celebrate his birthday on January 1st since Mark worked all day and then we went over to our dear friends house to watch a bowl game. So these are from Saturday morning when he got his presents and then from Monday when I made him re-create blowing out his candles since I realized I never took pictures of that part of his birthday. Also note, that I wrapped some of his presents in Christmas paper - good thing Luke doesn't care / notice those types of things right now!

Being sung to and then 'pretend' blowing out the candle

Opening his scooter, don't you just LOVE John's expression?!?

This is what I get every time I ask Luke to smile for the camera

But lately, I get some of this too. He has trouble making 'mad face' because he is always smiling and happy (oh and talking, my word this child who couldn't talk until he was past 2 years old is making up for lost time :) )

Thanks for looking at more pictures of my sweet birthday boy! He is truly a gift from God.


Gardenia said...

yes he is! what a big little man he is ! same at my house, Flower won't look at the camera, and when she does, it's one of those smiles that isn't a smile. the pretend candle-blowing is funny. I think everyone does it!

Gardenia said...

oh, glad Grace is getting the cupcakes. she will love them. my daughter will not part from them -- she takes them everywhere and puts them together only to take them apart, and repeat, repeat. I never would've thought they'd be such a hit. and my camera is a Sony alpha330. I'm really happy with it so far. so many buttons to learn tho.

Anna said...

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!! Love all of your photos Anne and his funny faces:)

Also U really like what you've written on your blackboard in the photo of the boys opening a present...I need to remember that too.

From your previous post (sorry am catching up from being away for a week:) I think 'simplify' is great...I'd love to be able to do that too if possible.

Take care,