Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday - Grandparents

This week's FFF theme is grandparents. And I need to take more pictures of my kids with their grandparents. I have said this to Mark several times and each time with are with his parents, it is too busy or hectic or we just plain forget. Which is a shame because we only see his parents 4-5 times a year. But during those times we are staying in the same house for (usually) a week, so I resolve to do better in 2010. And when we see my parents it is usually for a quick visit or they come to babysit (so I am FLYING out the door) or a family dinner so we don't make time for pictures. I really want to do better at this this year.

Here are two recent and my new favorite pictures of Grace with my dad. Grace is currently my dad's only granddaughter, which is funny since he raised 3 girls. And I just love to see him with her. She loves her granddad!!

And here is my parents with all their grandsons from Christmas Eve.

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Kim & Dave said...

Boy, I bet she's spoiled being an only grandaughter! But that's ok....every child is special to their grandparents for different reasons!

Hannah said...

You can tell she they are pretty sweet on each other! I bet she has him totally wrapped around her finger.

Nicole, Drew, Jack, Megan, Sophie, and Lucy too said...

Hi Anne,
We do the same thing when my family is together, we get too wrapped up in what we are doing and forget to capture the moments on film. I have see my grandparents more in the last year than I have in the last five, and yet I still have NO pictures of them with all of our kids. I must, no HAVE to, do something about that soon!

Speaking of having to do something soon, we have to get together. I just learned on Wednesday that we have something more in common than we knew…therapists!

I'll get your number from Beth and we can set up a time to meet.

All the Best,
Nicole Marlett

Tracy said...

Great pictures! I am another one who often forgets to take pictures at special events. But looking at my photos I have realised it is me I have no photos of!

Gardenia said...

those are beautiful pictures -- love the second photo with Grace and her granddad. your parents are beautiful !

Melinda said...

I told my husband just the other day I need to get more pics of the girls with their grandparents. There's never enough time though!! Your pics are sweet and you can tell there's a strong bond between your kids and their grandparents.