Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating the Christmas Tree. I have really fond memories of doing that with my family as a child and then as a adult my mom would have us all over to decorate her tree and house (and she always fed us!). It is not as peaceful and special with two boys who are 3 and 5 and I remember from my childhood. But it is still good!! Especially because, I can recall not so long ago, not having a Christmas Tree the year I boycotted Christmas because John didn't come home.

Here are some pictures from our tree decorating experience a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I just have video of Grace hanging her one ornament. She has the most beautiful angel that was handmade in Guatemala that one of my oldest friend's mother's gave me.

Here is our tree with just the lights on it. We have a 2 story family room or living room so we bought a 12 foot fake, pre-lit tree the first year we lived here and I never thought I would but I love it!!!

Higher Daddy, Higher!!

My sweet John hanging an ornament that I made for Christmas 2004 when he wasn't home with us. I just love how serious he is in this picture :)

John's turn to be lifted up to hang an ornament. Our tree has ornaments at the very top and the very bottom. There are just a few at normal height and I refuse to redecorate the tree after the kids have hung all the ornaments.

This was almost the last picture of the tree because Luke thought it would be fun to see if he could climb the tree from the window ledge. Thankfully, I could tell what he was going to do and yelled for Mark to get him

And finally, a picture of my favorite Christmas decoration, my Willowtree Nativity Scene. Mark has been adding to this each year (and this year I hope to get the shepherds and their animals) and I always put it up with a string of lights. It looks so beautiful with just the lights illuminating it. But I wonder if you knew that there was a yellow and purple dinosaur at the First Christmas. Look closely and you can see John's clay dinosaur. I think it is hysterical that he put it there and won't move it because I think it is too cute. He checks daily to see if I took it away and always smiles when it is still there.


Kim & Dave said...

Your tree is beautiful!!! Sute kiddos, too!

Kim & Dave said...

Make that "cute" kids-I obviosly can't type!-ha!

Gardenia said...

aren't fake pre-lit tress the absolute best??? I swear by them. I used to get a real tree every year, and then I'd still be picking pine needles out of the carpet in May. I love the photo of John holding the ornament you made the year her wasn't yet home. oh and thanks for signing up to "follow" me.

Tracy said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I love the lights. I never redecorate after it has been done either. THink it is special just the way it is

DDBBmom said...

I love the nativity with the purple dinosaur! What a good mama you are. :)
I'm so sad for you that your old blog is gone, but I'm glad you started up a new one. It looks great!

Hannah said...

Love your tree, it is so beautiful. I love that you leave the ornaments where your children put them. We have several trees and the kids decorate each decorate their own. I love it. :)

Anna said...

I love your tree Anne...we have a fake one too but not nearly as large or nice...and I love the pics of the kids putting their decorations on. Looks like a special family time.

Oh and especially like the dinosaur in the nativity scene:) Very cute!


Terri said...

What a beautiful tree and nativity scene! The dinosaur is a awesome addition to it! ;)