Friday, December 4, 2009

John appears on Local TV News

On Thanksgiving day John and his cousins went to a soup kitchen in Fairmont, West Virginia called the Soup Opera to feed the homeless and hungry. They served Thanksgiving dinner to over 100 people and all the kids really had fun. Mark's sister Machelle is the one that organized it and she provides food to this soup kitchen once a month. It was such a great experience for all the kids.

The highlight for John was getting interviewed by the local TV news station (WDTV) and then seeing himself on TV. In fact, Mark's friend called us and said he saw John on TV. I'm such a proud mom. Of course, I'm technologically not very good (as you all know since I deleted my original blog) so we are unable to download it to our PC and save a copy. I'm hoping the TV follows through and really does mail this clip to us. I'd love to have a copy forever.

For those who'd like to take a look, here is the link to the news clip, Kids Volunteer at Fairmont's Soup Opera.

I'm posting this as part of the weekly FFF that Hannah hosts on her blog, even though it has nothing to do with this week's theme, so I can reconnect with my blog friends now that I deleted my original blog and have a new blog address. This week she is featuring Christmas Traditions, go here to check out all the great FFF posts.


Gardenia said...

Hi. soooo sorry you lost your blog. what heart ache. and look at that little girl go -- she's walking so well. yay. you must be out of your skin with joy. I'll link up to your new blog.

Melinda said...

Wow, your old blog is gone? How sad :-( There was no way to get it back?

Bet you're one proud Mama! Serving at the soup kitchen is awesome!!

One Busy Momma said...

So sorry your old blog is gone!
That's scary.....

Awesome that your son was on the news for such a great thing!!!!
Keep teaching them well!!!

Hannah said...

That is very cool that your son was on the news...especially for helping others.

I am sorry to hear about your blog! That stinks.

Anna said...

Anne I've found you again:) I forgot I could click on your name on your comment on my blog and get your profile with your blog on it...but finally did and here I am:)
Glad to see you were able to start your blog again.
Take care,