Wednesday, July 1, 2015

so long june...

June may be one of my favorite months.  I love the fact that school lets out.  I love the warmer weather and the longer days.  I love the promise of so many things to do without a strict schedule.

In past years, the kids and I have created a summer fun list (you can see last year's list here).  This year, for some reason, we didn't create out list.  We talked about it for months but never sat down and compiled a list.  We have a mental list of things that we do each year as a family and enjoy.  So, we've been doing some of those but I find that I'm missing the list and the outline for our summer.  I'm thinking that we will sit down this weekend and write one...

So far, we've done a good job of mixing active days with days at home and lazy days at the pool.  We've had fun busy days when we were all exhausted and days when the kids stayed up past the sun and fell into bed with smiles on their faces from the day.

June allowed us to ease our way into summer and gave us days with no schedule.  However, July is packed out.  The boys each have a camp, Grace has her summer school program and we are going to the beach (yay!).  So we will be on a stricter schedule for some of the month.  But that's okay.  It's all a balance and it's what works for our family.  I'm loving summer and so happy that I'm more focused and intentional with the kids.  Summer vacation truly is a magical time for all of us.  I hope you're enjoying your summer!


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