Saturday, June 13, 2015

this transformed our mornings...

I love having other mothers as friends, don't you?  They have typically been the source of the best parenting information I have ever received.  They were the ones that spoke the truth when the books and bloggers made it seem like my child was the only one who wouldn't do something.  They are also the ones who have given me the best product tips. 

So, I wasn't surprised that a comment made in passing turned out to transform our mornings.  I was at my friend Jocelyn's house to pick up a baby gate for our puppies and for some reason, she mentioned how amazing a new brush was.  As soon as she said that there were no more tears in the morning and it made brushing Lily's hair so much easier, I was sold. 

Grace hates having her hair brushed.  She would fight and try and grab the brush or cry because of the knots.  So something that could take away those behaviors and make brushing easier was something I was totally interested in. 

It's called the wet brush, but it can be used on either wet or dry hair.

I love having Grace's hair long but it can be a challenge to brush it.  Not only because of her special needs but because it looks like two cats fought in it every morning.  I mean really, how does her hair get like that?  What is she doing in her sleep?

Here is a picture of her hair after using the wet brush.  I do tend to spray her hair with water or a leave in conditioner in the morning.  But I have used this brush on her dry hair with the same great results.  You can tell by the photo below that she is close to needing her annual hair cut, look how uneven her ends are.

As soon as I posted about this brush and our results on instagram, I heard from other moms who love this brush and how easy their mornings are now.

This is not a paid endorsement or a sponsored post.  The Wet Brush company has no idea who I am or that this little blog exists.  But I just had to share with you because it has totally transformed our mornings and I know it will make brushing your daughter's hair easier.


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