Saturday, April 11, 2015

easter 2015...

I once heard a speaker say that Easter was the Christian equivalent of the Super Bowl.  Which just tickled me, because not only am I a Christian and a huge sports fan but I love a good analogy.  This comparison holds true because our hope is not in the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus but in his resurrection.  And that is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday.  The hope, promise and love of God that is fulfilled in the fact that His Son rose from the dead. 

We had a super low-key Easter weekend and it was exactly what our family needed.  The boys only had Good Friday off, because their school cut out Spring Break in favor of getting out of school early in June.  Which I'm thrilled for right now, but ask me again in August...

John went on a 3 day missions trip for 4th & 5th graders with our church and came home Friday tired and sick.  But Luke greeted him like he had been gone for 3 months instead of 3 days.  I love the relationship these two have.

We dyed eggs on Saturday.  These two were still in their pjs and John hadn't combed his hair but they still look cute.  This year I got 18 eggs and it still wasn't enough for them.  We just use the commercially available dye packs because no one eats hard boiled eggs in our house so I buy super cheap eggs that I would never eat and use those.

We also hid eggs and baskets for the boys to find.  And once again, I forgot where all the eggs were hidden.  At least, it was one of the eggs Mark hid and not one of the ones I hid (which has happened in past years).  The boys are so funny because they try not to say anything for fear of hurting my feelings, but they are always super annoyed at me.  I always say, this is just part of life when you have older parents.

Since John wasn't feeling well and we knew that church would be crowded, Mark and I went to different services and left the kids at home.  When I got home from church, I had the kids all get dressed so I could take our annual Easter picture on the hearth. I don't love any of the pictures of all three kids but I did realize that Luke is wearing the shirt that John wore last year in our Easter picture.  Which was the picture I used for our family Christmas card.  Which made us all laugh for some reason...

I hope you and your family had an awesome Easter celebration.


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