Sunday, October 12, 2014

day 12: drink more water...

While I'm talking about what we put in our bodies, I want to encourage you to drink more water.  This is not a new concept but I think sometimes we ignore the benefits that water provides.

Drinking water has so many benefits but here are my top reasons:

1. Promotes weight loss.  Drinking water helps you to feel full so you eat less and reduces hunger.  When my kids come home from school ravenous.  I give them a healthy snack and make them drink a glass of water.  This prevents them from mindlessly snacking.

2. Increases mental focus.  Fight the afternoon energy slump and brain fog by drinking enough water.    Instead of turning to my 3:00PM coffee fix, for energy and clarity, I've started to drink a glass of water instead.  I find that it gives me the energy boost I need to get through my afternoon.  Water can reduce brain fog, and help you think more clearly.

3. It keeps you regular.  Water is necessary to digest your food properly and helps avoid constipation.  Enough said!

4. Health looking skin.  Water helps to keep your skin looking younger by hydrating you from the inside.  It will also help keep clear it and makes it look more supple. 

Saying drink more water is easy, but how do we do it?  To determine how much you are drinking right now, keep track of your water consumption for 3 days.  You may be surprised at how little or how much you are currently drinking.  Need to drink more?  Replace one of your 'other' drinks with water.  So for example, if you always reach for a diet soda pick water instead.  Find a glass or reusable water bottle and make sure it is handy during the day.  I find that the more water I drink, the more water I want.

How much is enough?  There are lots of different ways to determine how much water you should be drinking.  I can't be bothered to calculate water consumption based on body weight or anything fancy like that.  So, I follow the rule that your urine should be light colored to clear.  It's easy to measure and my body tells me if I'm drinking enough or not.

Some people say they can't drink water because they don't like the taste.  I'm always like Whaaat?  I don't think water has a taste, which may be what they are saying.  So, my solution to boring water is to add fresh fruit to it.  Try and stay away from buying those water drink mixes in the store, they are chemicals and sugar.  Simply add fresh citrus in the form of lemon, lime, orange or cucumber slices or mint leaves or berries.  You can literally add any fresh fruit or vegetable to your water to make it taste better.  

Drinking more water is a daily habit that I encourage you to form.  It will help you in so many ways and we can't lead an ordered and balanced life if we aren't giving our bodies the things it needs to perform optimally.  Raise a glass, of water, today!


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