Saturday, October 11, 2014

day 11: you are what you eat...

Since my last two posts in this series were related to meal planning and prep, I wanted to talk about what we are eating and putting in our bodies.  When I was little, my mom used to tell me 'you are what you eat'.  This was her way of encouraging us girls to make better food choices.  It is from her kitchen that I learned to love fruits and vegetables.  She also taught me and my sisters how to prepare, cook and experiment with food.  

There are so many diets and eating plans out there that is it easy to be confused about what to eat.  I would say that we need to find the food that makes us feel the best.  Right now, I am following a way of eating that I'm calling clean eating.  What that means to me is that I am using quality real food ingredients to feed me and my family.  I am limiting sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods.  Do I do this 100% of the time?  No.  But I'm at about 80% for me and about 60% for my family.

People always ask me when will I go back to eating 'normally' again?  Which always makes me laugh because that means that eating highly processed, sugar laden or chemically changed foods is normal. 

The reason we are focusing on eating real food is that it makes us feel better.  Bottom line, when I changed the way I was eating and fueling my body I felt better, I slept better and several minor health issues resolved.

As we are looking to add more order to our lives, I encourage you to look at what you are eating.  Is the food giving you energy and supporting you in all your activities?  Does it make you feel sluggish?  Take a look at what you are putting in your body.  Be mindful about what you and your family are eating.  Remember that old adage 'you are what you eat' and see if making small changes by adding more fresh real food ingredients makes a difference.


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