Friday, May 9, 2014

grandparents day...

It was grandparents day at our boys school on Wednesday this week.  Due to a scheduling mix up my parents who live locally were not able to go.  Well, when Mark's parents found this out, they drove 6 hours just so my kids wouldn't be the only ones without grandparents there.  And that's no joke.  I totally want to be like that when I'm a grandmother.

They drove up Monday day and spent 3 days with us.  It was an awesome visit all around.  I think part of the reason it was so fun was because they decided on Saturday to come and so it was pretty spontaneous.  We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving so we got to spend a lot of time talking, hanging out and visiting.  It was so awesome of them to come.  I may or may not have cried when thanking them for making my children feel so special and loved...

The boys enjoyed showing meemaw and papaw their school, classrooms and introducing them to teachers and friends.  Here are some pictures from their visit.

We went out to eat Monday night and I took these pictures of the boys with their grandparents.  While Grace screamed, screeched and help us educate random people about families affected by disability (actually all she did was cause people to stare at us).

Wednesday before school I took this awesome picture.  We love our front porch pictures...

Right before they left I asked Mark's parents to pose for some pictures with my kids.  I try to be mindful and intentional when we are with family to take pictures.  But I realized I hadn't taken too many pictures of the kids with their grandparents, I think mainly because we are always together with the whole family and it gets crazy with that many Isabellas. We were able to get Grace to kind of look and smile for the pictures, thanks in large part to her dad for acting like a crazy person behind me.

While Mark was working overtime to get Grace to look and smile, John jumped on his back and got into the act.

Then they got photo-bombed by Luke!  Grace was really laughing during all the commotion behind me.

We were all so sad to see them go.  Thanks so much for visiting Sam and Shirlene!  We love you!


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