Thursday, May 15, 2014

fish on...

As parents of elementary school aged children everywhere know, May is field trip month!  At least where we live it is.  This month alone, the kids have eleven different celebrations, field trips or events.  That's a lot of paperwork to sign, return & keep track of.  It also means that on any given day, I will have a least one child with something special to bring to school. 

I finally had to write it all down on a white board in my kitchen by date.  It was getting overwhelming.  And I totally don't want to have my child be the only one to show up to pj day in their street clothes.  Oh that's right!  That happened to John in pre-K and he STILL remembers it. gah!

One of the many things I love about Grace's school is that she gets to go on field trips too.  And this week she had a really cool one.  They were taken to a local park for a Special Needs Fishing Rodeo.  The note I got said that everyone had fun and two kids from her class even caught fish.  Grace got to hang out with her favorite teacher from last year and had a picnic lunch.

Here's the picture her teacher Regina sent to me.  It's so cute.  I love it!


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