Friday, November 1, 2013

halloween 2013

The  boys have had their costumes for over a month now and they wear them frequently.  So the fact that it was actually halloween night was almost no big deal.  I say almost, because my kids are all about the candy!  So this day combines two of their favorite things; dressing up and candy.  Really what could be better?!?

I on the other hand, hate halloween.  And yes, it is partly due to the candy and the fact that no one needs an entire bag full of candy but it is also due to the fact that I hate to be scared.  I do understand that some people like to be scared and find it fun to voluntarily go places where people jump out at you and make you scream.  I am not one of those people.  So, I tolerate halloween for my children and to fit in with my neighbors.

I was dreading this halloween more than others because Mark was scheduled to work and was unable to find someone to trade shifts with.  So I was going to have to take all 3 kids out with me and I wasn't sure how Grace was going to enjoy herself or tolerate being in her chair for that long.  So I whined, via text, to a friend of mine who gets me and my dislike of halloween.  She texted back that her son Austin would love to come to my house and stay with Grace and hand out my candy so I could take the boys.  Austin first met Grace four years ago when John and Austin's brother Joe played baseball together.  They bonded immediately and he has always been one of her favorite people.  Here's an old picture of them together, - look how little and chubby she was...

Grace clearly remembered Austin even though it has been a while since they have spent any time together.  She kept touching him and would sit in his lap.  She stayed on the porch with him and 'helped' hand out candy the whole time I was out with the boys.

This year, John was Batman and he wore his wolverine gloves, Luke was Spiderman (no surprise there) and Grace wore her Spidergirl costume from last year.  Leading up to costume shopping was funny because Luke has never  been anything but Spiderman and John was trying to convince him to branch out and be someone new.  Luke really wanted to please his older brother but really wanted to be Spiderman.  So he asked me if he could have two costumes, one to make John happy and one for himself.  I love sibling dynamics!

Thankfully, the weather was really mild and my neighbors let us walk with them so I didn't have to go alone (how lame does that sound).  The boys had an awesome time running from house to house together and I was able to talk with Angela.  I also can't thank Austin enough for coming over and helping with Grace.  He is such an amazing young man!!

This morning the boys asked if they could just have candy for breakfast and had the nerve to be upset when I said no.  Which is crazy because I am one of those moms who makes them eat an equal amount of fruit or vegetables to candy/junk food so they should have known the answer before they asked...


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