Tuesday, June 11, 2013

celebrating fifty years...

I'll never forget when Mark and I were doing our wedding invitations, 14 years ago, the girl commented on them.  She said (something to the effect of), 'both your parents are still married to each other?  We don't see that much anymore.'  It stayed with me, with both of us.  In fact, we thanked both sets of parents for setting examples of marriage that lasted the tests of time in our wedding pamphlet.  And now that we have been married 14 years and understand better what those tests involve, we are more thankful than ever for their example.  This past weekend, my family gathered to celebrate my parents fiftieth wedding anniversary.  We went to mass together at the church I grew up going to and then had dinner at a  restaurant on the water.

Mom and Dad

Joe (16) and Will (13)

Steve and Cathy

Mark and I

John (9) and Luke (7).  Grace was home with a babysitter.  She wouldn't have been able to sit through mass and a 3 hour dinner so we thought it was best that she stay home.  It was best for her and me too if I'm being truthful, but it was still hard to go as a family of four instead of a family of five.

Patrick and Patty.  I didn't get a picture of their son Colin because he is in that stage where he doesn't want his picture taken.  I don't think my kids ever went through that stage...  But Colin was there and did really well sitting in church and then at the restaurant.  It was hard since he is 2 but he did a great job.

Dinner was really long.  Actually, the service was terrible and it took over an hour for our food to come out and when it did it was cold.  The kids got tired of waiting for the adults to eat and played on any and all iPhones at the table.

We surprised Mom and Dad with a cake to commemorate the big anniversary.  They leave on Monday to go to London for two weeks vacation.  I don't understand why they didn't want their girls to go with them.

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great example of how marriage can be awesome and lasting!



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