Sunday, July 8, 2012

super hero night...

I know I've said this before, but we are a baseball loving family.  We especially like going to the Wilmington Blue Rocks games.  It is so fun to have a professional baseball team so close to our house.  We try and take the kids to 3 or 4 games a year, here are some pictures from a game we went to in April. 

Every time I think of the Blue Rocks it reminds me of a funny story from last year.  Since I love baseball so much, a friend of mine told me that the Blue Rocks have (or had, I'm not sure they still do) a program where local families would host players.  Well, I thought about it and decided that it would be a great thing for our family.  The boys would get to know a professional ball player and could possibly learn the game from him.  We, as a family, would be opening our home to someone who needed housing and many of the players are from Latin America so they could be a good role model for our Guatemalan boys.  I could not think of a downside.  So I excitedly shared my idea with Mark. 

Me:  Did you know that the Blue Rocks players live with host families in the community? 
Mark: Yes
Me: Don't you think it would be fun to host one?  Think of the experience for the boys.  It would be so cool for them.  Blah, Blah, Blah
Mark:  He looked at me like I had lost my mind and said, 'I'm not having a 22 year old baseball player in my home with my wife every day while I'm at work'. 
Me: Um.  Well.  I never thought about that.
Mark: I know someone who had a ball player live with them and they were awakened one night at 3:00am by the smoke alarm when he and his girlfriend set off the alarm cooking when they were drunk.  And they were both only in boxer shorts.  What kind of example would that be to your boys?
Me: Well.  Um.  Maybe, I didn't think of those two arguments against my plan.
Me: Ok.  Never mind.

Every time we go to the stadium now, we joke that I'm picking out the player to live with us.  It just makes me laugh to think about it!

We took the boys to Super Hero night last week and it was, well, super!  On the website it said that Spiderman, Batman and others would be there.  So we knew it would be fun to go.  As soon as we got there we looked over and there was Spiderman, Cat Woman and Batman.  Luke ran over and posed with them.  He wanted to wear his costume but it was about 95 degrees so he settled on wearing his mask and a Spiderman shirt.

We also ran into Captain America.  Who was really great and posed with my boys, even though he was dripping with sweat.

Once the game started we were able to go up to where the super hero's were standing and get pictures with both Spiderman and Captain America together.

We found the Dark Knight too.  John loves Batman but he wasn't too sure about this one.  He thought his costume was home made (don't even get me started on Cat Woman's costume).  But he posed with him anyway.  I asked him to open up his wings for a picture.  John thought that was pretty cool.

They also had a guy dressed up as the Hulk.  Which was really a small guy with green pain on his body.  The boys kept saying 'no that's not Hulk.  Hulk is really big'.  It made the people behind us laugh.  Even Rocky the mascot was dressed up as a super hero.

It was also fireworks night.  Every Friday night they do fireworks and it is an awesome show.  If you are local and have never been, it is really worth going.  John and Luke both love to watch fireworks and just sat mesmerized in their seats during it. 

We all had such a great time.  The boys are begging to go again and this time they want to go to Star Wars night in August.Photobucket

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Gardenia said...

ow wonderful for your children to meet all those super heroes. I imagine Spiderman was pretty sweaty under that face mask too! great fireworks.