Thursday, June 14, 2012

new wheels...

I'm so excited to share that I got a new {to me} van this week!!  I had a Sequoia for 8 years and really loved it.  But I have wanted a van for about 3 years and have been earnestly praying for one for the past 2 years.  With Grace getting older, bigger and heavier it has been a struggle to get her in and out of her car seat in the Sequoia.  My back has taken to protesting all the lifting with all manner of sprains and strains lately.

So quiet unexpectedly, we were given the opportunity to get an amazing deal on a van.  And we took it.  This van is way more loaded than we need.  Is that sentence even gramatically correct?   In fact, I still can't figure out many of the basic items in the van.  I do love the back up camera - I have no ability to judge distance and how close my car is to things (I've actually never had an ability to do this and needed a friend to get my station wagon out of parking places in high school on a regular basis).  It made parking a huge SUV for the past 8 years very interesting. 

It has so many options and upgrades that we call it the Black Hawk (as in helicopter).  For instance, Mark was going to run some errands yesterday and John said, which car are you taking.  Mark said the Black Hawk and so John went with him.  We now have a DVD player in our car, which the kids love {love}.

Grace rode in the van today and it was so easy to get her in and out of it.  It feels like I am barely lifting her at all.  I still need to lift her into the van because the step us is so high but it is so much easier than getting her into and out of the Sequoia.

I love my Black Hawk van!!


Gardenia said...

very purty~!~~!! I've often thought about considering a van for our next vehicle. my sis drives one and loves it.

noreen said...