Thursday, June 14, 2012

mud princess...

We have been having some really nice weather lately.  It is been nice and sunny but not too hot.  So yesterday, we went outside after dinner to play in our cul-de-saq.  Grace was walking around when she found the only patch of mud for blocks.

She stepped into the mud puddle and just stood there.  I said 'Oh Grace no!', which made her laugh.  I helped her out of the mud and then she just kept going back into it over and over again.  At one point, she lost her shoe in the mud.  Which just made her laugh more.

Our neighbor boy was quite concerned that she was a) standing in the mud, b) had lost her shoe and c) all I was doing was taking pictures.

But sister loved it!  She walked in and out of this mud puddle over and over again.  And then she fell into the mud on her back side.  Which struck her as funny too.

By the time she finished playing in the mud, she was quite dirty.  But still really happy about playing in the mud.  I decided long ago that I would let my kids get as dirty as they wanted whenever they wanted.  I think it is a big part of being a kid, being able to play in the mud.

So the motto at our house is; a little dirt never hurt anyone.



Gardenia said...

thank goodness for that motto at your house!! what a sweet heart she is. I know my own daughter loves the mud, and dirt, anything that is messy and gooey.

noreen said...

Awww, your such a good mom! I agree, let the children play and get dirty as long as their a way of not getting it all over the house when they come in!