Thursday, May 17, 2012

back home

This past weekend, Mark and I snuck away for our first vacation without our children.  Well, I guess snuck isn't really the right word since there was lots of planning and arrangements to be made.  But the point is, we got away together.  It was awesome!!  We were incredibly blessed by friends and family willing to watch our kids so we could have this time together. 

We went to New Smyrna Beach Florida and stayed in a condo right on the beach.  Beach front is totally the way to vacation.  This is where we had coffee in the morning.  I could get used to pool side with an ocean view!

This was the view from our condo.  We had a little patio that looked right over the beach.  We may or may not have spent more time on the patio than the actual beach.  But the effect was the same.  It was a nice spot for an afternoon nap.

We also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary while we were away. 

Our last night there, we ate at this little outdoor restaurant and watched the sun set.  We also saw dolphins and a manatee swimming in the little water way.  Florida has the most beautiful sun sets.  This one was the bow that is tied to the most perfectly wrapped days.  Watching Florida show off her sun sets was the perfect ending to our quick little get away.

We were greeted at home by happy kids who missed us way more than we missed them.  And I guess that means we were gone exactly the right amount of time.



Gardenia said...

what a beautiful tranquil place for a get away. (I'm sure you missed your little ones the whole time). It's good to do this and regenerate and refresh. i hope it was blissful!

Hannah said...

What a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy each other! Happy Anniversary.

noreen said...

Welcome back Anne! Such a relaxing and peaceful vacation you guys had. That sunset is simply stunning!