Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weekend review

We had a great weekend.  The weather was awesome and Mark was off.  Two things that always ensure that my weekends are happy.  We had the perfect balance of work, play and family time.  Grace has been slow to recover from her runny nose and cough (she was sick most of last week, which contributed to the reasons I didn't make any posts to my blog).  As a result, she has needed lots of extra hugs.  She especially likes to go to daddy for this.  I went running on Saturday and I actually wore too many clothes.  I had to take my jacket off during my run, that is so crazy for the first weekend of March.  When I came back, this is how I found Grace and Mark.

 Evidently, he was laying on the couch and she walked over and climbed on top of him.  She has been seeking more contact and comfort lately, it is awesome to be on the receiving end of a hug or snuggle that Grace initiated.  She also is helpful if you want to take a nap.   

 I have been in a spring cleaning and clearing out mode lately.  I attacked the kids closets and was able to organize most of their clothes.  We have been so blessed to be given a great number of hand me downs.  Many of those items are things that our kids are going to grow into.  I was able to sort through everything, put things in totes by size, label them and store them all in Grace's closet.  She has a huge closet in her room.  I was also able to go through the clothes and give a lot away.  I chose clothes that I loved to keep for the kids and the rest I gave away.  I was able to give bags away to friends, family and a local mission.  It took me a few hours to work through all these clothes but it felt great when I was done.  Next on my list is the kids toys!

On Sunday, we got together with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We tried to get a cousins picture.  It really never works out.  Grace typically seems to be the problem.  I don't know why, but I feel so guilty that it is her fault we can't get a good cousins picture.  At least the boys all sit still for pictures now.


I made these sugar cookie bars for dessert.  Oh My Word.  They were SO awesome.  I found the recipe at this blog and the only change to her recipe was that I used almond extract and vanilla extract instead of all vanilla.  I like the combination of flavors and truthfully, I only had 1 teaspoon of each on hand.  I can't include any pictures of the bars because we ate them all before I could photograph them I forgot to take any pictures.  But let me tell you, they were awesome!

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.


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Hannah said...

That does sound like a great weekend! That blog looks fun, I'll have to check it out. By the way...the smell of almond extract, Oh. My. It's one of my favorite things :)