Monday, February 27, 2012

everyday adventures...

It appears as if Spring has come to our little corner of the world.  This February we have had so many days in the 50's and low 60's that it is very difficult to convince the boys to wear jackets when it is cold out.  I do love warmer weather so these temperatures have made me very, very happy.  I've been able to run outside many more days than typical, which is something else making me happy. 

We have been taking advantage of the weather by spending much of our time outside.  It serves two purposes; 1. it gets the kids outside and expends energy and 2. it allows me to partake of my favorite character flaw pastime  - procrastination.  I have been on a slippery slope for a few months days weeks here and it has finally caught up with me.  I blame it on the fact that December and January were so full and busy with everything that goes on with our family, that I now deserve to sit on my couch and read books on my touchpad.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I've taken it to an extreme lately that has caused most of my other commitments, desire to blog and responsibilities to take a back seat.

Thankfully, my slide down has been reversed and I am now in a crazy declutter / we have way too much stuff / I need to clear out everything not needed phase.  I'm not sure my family is going to be happy but giving away and throwing away a bunch of stuff always makes me feel better!

These pictures were taken at Longwood Gardens last week on President's day.  It was a bright, sunny day with mild-ish weather and we took full advantage of Mark being off work.  We went out to lunch and then spent some time running around outside.  We labeled it an adventure and it was so fun to jump off stuff walk around the gardens and spend time together as a family. 

When the kids were little, we would try and have an adventure everyday.  Some days it would simply be a walk around our neighborhood which we would call an 'adventure walk' or an 'investigation walk'.  Sometimes we would try and see how many different animals we could spot or types of birds or type of bugs.  Anything to get us moving and discovering together.  These days with the kids all in school for most of the day, it is harder and harder to fit in those everyday adventures.  But on nice Spring February days when the weather is close to 60 it is easy to have adventures.



noreen said...

Hi Anne,

Those days are the best when the weather is mild, the sun is shining and the air feels so crisp and fresh! Love those outdoor days. It puts a smile on the face of kids and adults alike :)

Gardenia said...

what a lovely day you all had. I love pics like these that show life in action. I think we've had a couple days in the 50s, but mostly the 40s, such a mild winter. And it feels like spring here too.

Hannah said...

Spring weather really does help get you moving. I'm a lazy winter person. I can't stand to leave the house when it's cold. I just told the kids this year that January was my month. I wasn't doing anything...and I didn't. Of course I kind of did the same thing in February too :)

LisaD said...

Great pictures!!! The kids are so cute! I'm in a total clean/purge stage right now too! Getting rid of stuff or donating stuff is so therapeutic for me! ;)