Friday, March 16, 2012

this week...

We have had great weather this week.  It is been crazy nice here.  We never have weather this warm this early in the year.  The boys wore shorts to school several days when it reached into the 70s.

All this nice weather, on top of the daylight savings time change, has kept us outside for hours after school.  The boys have had a lot of fun playing with sticks and creating elaborate stories with them as the hero's saving the day.  All this outdoor play has led to some really great nights of sleep!  Such great sleep in fact that we haven't had one child sneak into our bed in the middle of the night.  I had almost forgotten how nice it was to sleep without any kids in our bed...

It was so nice this week, that Luke and I met some friends for a picnic lunch at Longwood Gardens.  The kids ran and played and the mommies got to walk and talk.  It was really nice to be outside with friends.

We have heard from both John and Luke's coaches for baseball this year.  I always look forward to the start of baseball season because it means Spring and Summer are near.  John is moving up to Minor C, which is the division when the kids begin pitching and all the regular baseball rules are enforced.  He has a really good coach, so it should be a good year for him.  Luke is going to play T-ball again this year.  I didn't think he would want to since he didn't particularly like it last year but he said he wanted to play.  Hopefully, he will like it more than last year.

Mark is off this weekend and we have no real plans on Saturday and Sunday.  We do hope to get some spring projects started and John has baseball practice.  Other than that, we plan on hanging out as a family.  I'd to get runs in both days this weekend and to go out to eat at least one time. 

What are your plans for this weekend?  Hope you have a great one!

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Hannah said...

Seriously I ♥ daylight savings time. It is kicking my butt right now but I love having that extra hour of light. LOVE it!

Soccer starts for us least practice. It's our spring kick off too :)