Monday, March 19, 2012

grace's friend

Recently, we have been noticing more and more from Grace.  She is more present when she is with us.  It is hard to explain if you haven't met Grace, but sometimes when you look at her her eyes are blank.  She seems to be looking at you and without seeing you.  Now when she looks at you, she is there more often than not.  Grace interacts more and engages people more.  It is awesome to see friends or family who haven't seen her in a while because they validate these feelings that Mark and I have about our little girl.

For years we have tried without success to get Grace to engage with toys.  Any toy.  She just isn't interested.  Grace hasn't had the ability to play with toys as they are supposed to be played with, due to her cognitive delays.  We have stopped buying her toys because nothing would hold her interest.

All that changed recently when she {re}discovered, Mr. Penguin.  Grace loves this toy.  I mean loves it.

She was originally given this toy by a dear friend who took it from her kid's playroom when Grace showed an interest about a year ago.  Grace played with it for a while but nothing major.  One day I realized the penguin was missing.  It was close to her Christmas so we bought her another one, here is the link to this toy.   After she opened it, the boys found the original penguin in the back of their closet.  Why it was there I will never know.  But the upside is that sister has two penguins to play with now!

Her favorite thing to do is to pick up the penguin, carry it to our kitchen floor (or front hall floor) and drop it.  It makes a terrific thud when it hits the floor and she laughs.  One morning a few weeks ago, she woke me up early.  I think it was 5:00.  When I went into her room she was out of bed and just walked out the door, so we went downstairs.  As I was making coffee I realized she walked into the kitchen with the penguin and was about to drop him on the floor.  I rushed over and took it from her.  I put it in the playroom behind the table.  Grace promptly went into the playroom, got the penguin, walked back into the kitchen and as I looked at her she dropped the penguin on the floor.  It was classic.  And not to mention a totally appropriate thing to do.  I was so happy at her actions that I couldn't be mad.  But I did hide the penguin (and his brother) until it was time to wake Grace's brothers for school.

Sometimes she just carries it around with her where ever she goes.  Like to lunch for instance...

It's been fun to watch Grace take an interest in this toy.  To show a preference for it and to play with it appropriately.  She just loves it!




Donna said...

Well, that's just precious!! Sooooo much fun to see her joy and delight radiate through!! Makes me want to send her 500 penguins!! Thud! Thud! Thud!
We have no real vacation planned this summer either. I,ve been keeping an eye out on a way to make it near you! It would be sooooo much fun to meet up again!

noreen said...

That's great news Anne! By your pictures, it is so obvious that she loves the penguins!! All of your hard work and prayers are becoming fruitful. God Bless you and your family!

Gardenia said...

Grace looks very interested in Mr. penguin. Her smile is so vivid -- big -- like she really is engaged with the penguin doll. What joy for you and Mark to see this progress.