Tuesday, February 14, 2012

weekend recap

We had a really good weekend!  It was the perfect mix of busy and slow.  I love it when that happens.  Our weekend started with our Friday night small group.  We were supposed to review our bible study but we hadn't all been together in so long that we had fellowship and prayed for each family.  It was so good.  The only stinky part was Mark was home with Grace who was not feeling well.

Saturday we woke up to a dusting of snow and a really, really, super excited 8 year old boy.  Today was THE day of his birthday party!  John was so excited it was really cute.  We had his party at a local bowling alley and all the boys had a lot of fun.  It was cosmic bowling, which means they turn out all the lights and have strobe lights and disco balls.  It was pretty hard to get any good pictures.  Plus a certain 6 year old took my camera and messed with the settings somehow so most of my pictures are blurry.

My mom and dad watched Grace for us which was wonderful.  She would have spent the two hours of the party in her chair and the lights/noise would have been at her upper limit for sensory overload.  So instead, she got two hours of undivided time with her grandparents and their dog.

Saturday night was respite night!  Mark and I went to eat at Brio and then walked around the mall.  We had a great time at dinner just talking and being together.  I just love spending time with Mark.  One of my favorite stores to walk around in is Anthropologie.  I just heart so many things in that store.  Mark let me have a mini shopping spree for my Valentine's Day present.  It was fun.  I am drawn to all their home goods so I spent all my money on stuff for the house.  I have been craving change in our home lately.  Specifically adding color.  So I got this butter dish.  My plan is to slowly add in pretty and colorful accents to our home, starting in my kitchen. I bought this coffee mug for me with an 'a' on it and this coffee mug for Mark with an 'm' on it.  We both fell in love with this candle and now I want one for our master bath.  The smell is awesome and it lingers (in a good way) even when it's not lit.  I fell in love with this guy, but just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a cookie jar.  But he is so cute.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then Mark had to go to work (boo!).  So the kids and I built a fire and relaxed all day.  It was great to spend the day doing nothing but I paid for it on Monday when I was super behind on my housework, laundry and other tasks.  Oh well, I think weekends and specifically Sundays should be spent relaxing!!

Hope you had a good weekend!



Hannah said...

I love Anthro too! I love their home goods, they are just so fun. I love the stuff you picked out. I have that candle in the orange scent. I fell in love with a cookie jar there that was Russian but it was a couple of hundred dollars so I passed. I'm in love with their berry baskets and egg cartons. I know they are not realistic but in my dreams they work great :)

Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

Hi Anne! Your children are beautiful.

Wondering if you've heard of Emily Alexander - her son was adopted from Ethiopia and has a story with similarities to Grace's -