Thursday, February 9, 2012

happy birthday john!!!

Eight years ago today, John was born.  In proper fashion, we celebrated with his favorite dinner (tacos) and cupcakes.  We had a joint party for all three kids a few weeks ago.  He received most of his presents at the party but I gave a few extra small ones today.  I love birthdays and try to make the day special for the birthday person.  This Saturday he is having his first friend party and we are going bowling.  He is really excited.

Sometimes when I look at John I have flashes of the teenager and man he will become.  It is most often when he is walking toward me or when he calls me in a certain way.   It is there in a moment, too hard to define or describe but it leaves me breathless.  I can't stand the thought of him growing up, it's happening too fast.  But then again, I love who he is becoming and look forward to seeing him grow, change and develop.  He has always held my heart in his hand.

Happy Birthday John.  Mommy loves you more than you will ever know...


Gardenia said...

how beautiful your thoughts! I feel the same way...sometimes I'll look at my daughter and it just pops into my mind, the image of her grown up. it's heart breaking (because I want my girlie to stay young forever) and yet, also so exciting to see that vision of her, older and an adult. Happy birthday to your John.

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday John! I hope he has a wonderful year :)