Thursday, September 29, 2011

family portraits {kairos photography}

It is difficult for me to express just how much I love the pictures from our family photo shoot.  The last time we had family pictures taken it was in December of 2006.  We got the sitting fee in a silent auction and decided to have pictures taken for Christmas.  At the time, John was almost 3 and Luke was almost 1.  Grace came home the following August and we have been waiting since then to get family portraits taken.

When she first came home, Grace didn't look up at all.  She spent all her time looking down and to the right.  Mark and I have talked about family portraits on and off for four years.  We just kept waiting until Grace developed more and we were somewhat confident that she would look at the camera. 

When I found out that a friend, Jessica, from church had started taking pictures professionally, I was so excited.  I contacted her immediately and we scheduled a photo shoot.  Unfortunately, our first session had to be reschedule (it may or may not have had something to do with my bangs being too short).  We rescheduled for the week in August when Mark was off work.  Unfortunately, we had to reschedule that time too.  This was due to Luke getting a black eye at our church picnic.  Thankfully, not only is she a mom but she has two boys so she understands these things.

Well, the third time was the charm and we had our family pictures taken two weekends ago.  Our photographer was Jessica Zubrod of Kairos Photography.  As I said at the time, it was so fun.  Jessica was so easy to work with and really committed to us getting the best pictures of our family.  We got our results yesterday and I love them all!  I'm going to have a really hard time deciding which ones to get printed.  Here are some of my favorites.

Looking at all these pictures just makes me so happy.  They bring me such joy!  For four years I have walked past our family portrait that doesn't have Grace in it and felt bad.  Now I can finally have a picture of our whole family.  Our goal is to put a picture of our family over our fireplace, which we just got re-done and our waiting for our new mantle (I will be posting pictures of our renovation soon).  Now all we have to do is decide.

Which ones are your favorite?  Which picture of the five of us do you like the best?  
Please help me choose!


Gardenia said...

Anne, these are truly beautiful. no wonder you asked for help in deciding. they are all so wonderful. My fave is the second one of all five of you. other favorites are the one of you and your two boys on the seat; the one of you holding Grace (oh my) and the one of you and your hubs on the grass. (((let's see the new fireplace and mantle too!!)))

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Oh my, they are all so so good! (love that necklace you have on!)... A couple of my favorites are the one of you and Mark and Grace together, and the one of John alone with the blurry gazebo in the background and the one of just you and Grace and you're holding her and you're both smiling so big. My favorite of the whole family is the very last one. I like the composition of it and I think it would look nice above the fireplace. Especially with the beautiful greenish yellow tones of the scenery around you.

And did I not tell you that I purposely scheduled our family shoot for September because I wanted to let my hair grow out?? ha ha... I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that. :)

Much love to you and your beautiful family.


Cheryl (in Buffalo) said...

I love.....the picture of you and the boys, and the picture of the two boys that is under that one, the family picture sitting in the grass because it is the most relaxed, the individual pictures of each of the kids, and the picture of Mark kissing Grace and the one of you hugging Grace. All so beautiful!!!!

Nonnie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - each and every one of them. You have quite some decision making to do - I can't help because I love ALL of them. Good Luck!!

LisaD said...

Beautiful!!! I love so many! I think I like the one of your family in front of the rock wall...everyone seems so joyful! Smiles all around!

Sarah said...

What absolutely beautiful shots of a gorgeous family! My favorite of the five of you is the last one... timeless and I love Grace's bare feet! My second fave is the first one.

But my absolute favorite is the one of you and Grace with her arm around your neck!! <3 <3 <3!!!!

opattie said...

Wow! You really did get some great shots! I like the one of the family seated on the ground best, but they are all great. THe pic of you and Grace is fabulous!

Blessed x3 said...

Anne, Your welcome. Reading your blog post brought up a lot of memories about what we went through during those early years before we had Ashleigh's diagnosis. It is hard to explain to people even now what is wrong with Ash. Thanks about loving my back to school post. I love having the family binder. The other day Noah wanted to know what he was having at school for lunch & I knew where it was. It was in the family binder!

I am hoping to have a blog post about the homework station. I need to take pictures of it. Plus I am working on a Batman cape for Ethan (and Noah) and a Penguin for Noah. I will get those up soon, too. I was thinking of doing "A Day in the Life" post, too. Next year look for packing, moving blog posts, too.

I look forward to reading more of yours. I love love the photo of the 5 of you in front of the stone wall. I have this thing for stone walls. Remember me to put up a blog post of my wedding party/me & my husband in front of the stone wall.


Hannah said...

Those are great! I love the last family picture. It is great!

I love the ones that have almost a candid feel. They are just adorable.

Dawn said...

Love the shot of you and Grace!!! And as for family of five shots. . I love the one where you are on the ground sitting. .

noreen said...

Those are fantastic!! You have a beautiful family and all of them turned out perfectly. It's hard to choose a favorite because each one is tender and special.