Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend recap

We had a busy but fun weekend!  Full of end of the summer activities and parties with friends.  It was the perfect last full family weekend of our summer. 

On Saturday we attended a surprise 50th birthday party for my brother-in-law Steve.  It was fun to be among the many friends and family members that wished him a Happy Birthday.  The balloons were so cool but kept blowing in the wind.

It oh so fun to surprise him.  He is really hard to surprise.  Here is his face when he realizes the party is for him and not the person he was originally told it was for.

The house has a pond and tons of extra fishing poles for all the kids to use.  John and Luke spent most of their time either fishing or watching the other kids fish.  The fish are so tame that they kept coming for food.  Here's John with one of the fish.  I think this guy was caught and then re-caught the whole night, and he got quite a good meal in the process...

On Sunday our church was hosting neighborhood back to school / get to know your neighbor's picnics by school district.  We were all looking forward to attending the BBQ.  Unfortunately, due to the forecasted 70% chance of thundershowers, all picnics were moved inside.  Our picnic was held in the church.  The kids had a great time running around our sanctuary and chasing each other while the parents visited.

After dinner some of the dads got involved in the chase.  The kids really had fun trying to evade capture and by the looks of it the dads had a ball too.  Just as the moms gave the five minute warning, two of the youngest kids in the chase collided.  Head to head.  Literally, Luke's face and his friend Josh's face hit.  It was painful.

Luke has quite a shiner today.  The bruise is raised and his eye is swollen so that he has trouble looking down and has to move his head to see.  You can see the swelling better in the picture below.

This was totally an accident.  The dad that was chasing Josh felt terrible but it was completely accidental and no one's fault.  Truthfully, I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier in the night.  I will say, that it is a bummer it happened this week because we have family portraits scheduled with a photographer Wednesday.  I'm praying that the swelling goes down and that the bruise doesn't get any worse.  If the swelling is still there we will probably reschedule but otherwise we'll just see how much editing needs to be done. 


LisaD said...

Awwwww poor guy! "That Dad" feels sooo bad. He talked about it all evening! Hope the swelling and bruising disappear before wednesday!!!!! Great to hang out with you though!

noreen said...

Ouch, that is a shiner but kids are tough! Did your reschedule your family portrait?