Sunday, September 25, 2011

blue and gold

Most of my college days were spent at the University of Delaware in Newark Delaware.  Which just so happens to be where I grew up, where my parents still live and where my dad was a professor for 38 years.  I loved living in my hometown.  Growing up in a college town was so fun!  The town stretches and grows by 20,000+ when the students arrive every September and then recedes back to a small town in May when the school year ends.

Another thing that September brings is Blue Hen Football.  I remember going to see Delaware football games as a young girl.  I was raised in a sports loving family and we know football.  As a college student, I went to almost every football game however, we spent more time in the parking lots tailgating then actually cheering on the team.  But still, I went to the games.

The UofD is a small to mid-sized school, that plays football in Division III.  The stadium is small, considering some of the D1 schools I've been too, it seats about 20,000 people.  The football program has won a few National Championships and sent several players to the NFL (including the current Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco).

On Saturday, I took John and Luke to see their first Blue Hen Football game.  My mom and dad have season tickets and my mom was unable to go.  Their friends that they sit with were also unable to go, so the boys and I went.  I probably haven't been to a UofD football game in 15 years.  But when I walked back into the stadium, it was like coming home.  It was so fun to watch a game in person.

My parents seats are on the 40 yard line in row Z.  They sound like bad seats but actually ended up being really good.  We have spent the last two years without cable television, so the boys haven't actually seen too many football games.  As a result, they do not understand the game very well or at all. 

 The boys were both hungry when we got to the game, so we stopped at the concession stand.  After I paid as much as I used to pay in rent when I went to Delaware for the food, we found our seats.  John ate two hotdogs, a pretzel and a large Gatorade.  Once all the food was gone, John tried to pay attention.  However, once he heard that the band was performing at half time, he asked me 8,000 times when half time was even though I pointed out the clock to him each time a few times when the band would come out.  After a while, Luke gave up trying to pay attention...

and just laid down.  Thankfully, no one was in the seats in front of us so he could use it as a pillow.  And yes, I let him lay down on the floor of the stadium.

With 25 seconds left in the half, Luke announced that he had to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.  Of course, when you are in row Z there is no easy and fast way to get to the restroom.  On the way down to the bathroom, I saw several people from my high school and college days.  Oh my, they are getting old...

We stayed to watch the marching band, which the kids thought was great and then left the game.  We walked out with my dad who had also had enough.  It reminded me so much of my childhood (you know minus all the whining and having to spend money at the concession stand).  The boys both declared their love for Blue Hen Football and want to go back to another game.  Delaware won their game 27 - 17 and now have two more fans than they used too.

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Hannah said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love that he laid down and took a nap :)