Sunday, June 12, 2011

john's week in review

Last week was a very busy week for our family.  So I didn't get a chance to post any of the stuff we did, plus my computer is doing that thing again where I can't download pictures.  I think it may be a sign of something bad in terms of my hard drive.  In order to catch up on what we did, I'm going to do a post for each child.  I'm starting with John because he is the oldest and had the most activities, so he got the most pictures taken.

Last week John played in his last two baseball games of the season.  Truth be told, his team wasn't really that good.  But the players all learned a lot and the coaches were great with the kids.  So I consider it a good year.  In his last game he started as the catcher.  Which is the one position I would never want my child to play.  Too dangerous.  But at this level, the catcher doesn't really do too much.  I think he looked really cute suited up in the catchers gear.  And check out that form.  They told him how to position himself and he did not move from that position. 

Then he moved to third base, which he really likes.  There is always a lot of balls hit that way and he likes to field the ball and throw to first base.  Finally, he ended the game as pitcher.  Check out the concentration on his face.  He loves {loves} to pitch!

And that was that.  His season is over.  Next year he will move up to Minor C, in which the kids pitch the whole time.  He is already looking forward to that.

This past week was also Field Day!  I know I've said this before, but John goes to a school that is only Kindergarten, First and Second Graders.  This school has close to 1,100 kids in it.  It is a really BIG school.  I was able to volunteer and help run of the over 20 stations. 

Here is John's class.  Did I mention it was one of the hottest days of the year so far.  Of course it was...

Here is John at my station.  The Sack Race. 

I was happy that I was able to volunteer for FD.  But boy was it hot out!

On Thursday, John's class had their end of the year program.  He is in a multi-age classroom, so half of the kids are in 1st grade and half are in 2nd grade.  We absolutely love his teacher!  She does a great job with the kids and is an amazing teacher.  The program was cute.  The kids all sang songs and then the older kids got to show off their talents.  The talents were; joke telling, demonstrating hockey plays, jump rope, singing/dancing to Justin Beiber songs, piano playing and magic tricks.  It was really fun to watch the kids.  Here is a picture of the whole class, I ended up on the opposite side of the auditorium from John so I didn't get any close ups of him.  I did video parts of it for Mark who was working, but I think it may have been too dark.

Whew!  What a packed week John had last week.  This week is his last week of school.  The other two kids are both finished so, we can't wait for John to be done and for our summer vacation to start.


Gardenia said...

a great recap of John's week. He's got great activities. and the pic of his teacher and him is a keeper. I like volunteering at my daughter's class too, and yes, it's always on a hot day.

noreen said...

Hi Anne, you have great pictures of John. I can tell he really does enjoy baseball! I to volunteered at my son's field day and this year, I worked the drink station and then handed out the popsicles afterwards.

Your son's school is huge! Ours is K-5th and we have 305 students. I think moms who volunteer at their children's school are the best!