Monday, June 6, 2011

catch up post in pictures

Last week when I was working on the computer our power randomly went out.  This is not unusual for the area we live in.  In fact, when we first moved here it would happen weekly.  The power goes out for a few minutes (5, 10 or 15) and then just comes back on.  As a result of that mini-power outage, I am now able to download pictures off my camera card.  Which is a good thing because repeatedly putting it the slot was not working and I was all out of ideas after that!

So here are some pictures of our past few weeks...

John lost one of his top teeth!  I love how cute it makes him look AND 
the second one is really loose now that there is room to wiggle it.

We planted our garden.  It was a bit later than normal but we got it done.  We planted tomatoes, peppers, celery, cilantro, basil, onions, lettuce, squash and pumpkins.  For some reason, I have to resist going back and alphabetizing that list!

Grace was of no help, but she loved walking in the dirt / mud that day!

Our robin's eggs hatched and we had babies living with us for a while.  
They have all flown away now.

Our neighbor gave us tadpoles from the wetlands behind her house a few weeks ago.  We watched them turn from tadpoles into the smallest frogs we've ever seen and then die.  I guess we waited a bit too long to release them back into nature.  But it was really fun to watch them change from tadpoles into frogs...

This is the last week of John's baseball season.  We have spent quite a bit of time at the ball field for both boys this year.  John has really enjoyed playing and his skills have improved a lot this year.

Luke not so much...

I have a bunch to post about what else has been going on as we wind down school for the year and look forward to summer vacation.  But that catches things up for now.


Hannah said...

You guys are have been busy. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one getting my garden in late :)

Gardenia said...

tooth fairy time. can we see the finished garden??

noreen said...

You are so good at posting pictures on your blog. I could learn alot from you!