Monday, May 16, 2011

twelve years!

Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give 
you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4

Twelve years ago today Mark and I got married.  In a beautiful, outdoor ceremony at the Goodstay House and Gardens.  We got married in front of a reflecting pool and had the most glorious weather possible.  It was a perfect day!  One of these days I'll take the time to figure out my scanner and post a wedding photo. 

On Saturday night we celebrated our anniversary at my favorite restaurant, The Farmhouse.  It was Respite Night at our church, so we were able to drop the kids off for their evening activities and enjoy a quiet meal by ourselves.  Then we went to Mark's aunt and uncle's house to help celebrate his cousin Dave's 50th birthday.  It was so fun to see everyone, including Mark's cousin John who set us up on a blind date!

This past year was an incredible year.  Our marriage was stretched and put to the test like never before.  We are happy to say that we came out stronger, more committed and closer together than ever before.  It is not a year we would like to revisit anytime soon, but we thank God for the challenges we faced.  We know that through His refining fire, we become the people that He purposes us to be and we will have the marriage He calls us to have.  So we go through the valleys knowing that the sun in shining on the mountain tops and that God has us cradled in the palm of His hand all along the way.

Happy Anniversary to my love!  I just know that THIS is going to be the best year ever...


noreen said...

Happy Anniversay Anne! You may a beautiful couple! May God continue to bless your marriage for many years to come!

Gardenia said...

what joy --- 12 years. Blessed anniversary to you and hubby. Our Lord has such a way of making challenges turn to golden goodness in other aspects of our lives, doesn't He.

Hannah said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are beautiful together :)