Friday, April 22, 2011

future career for john

Yesterday John picked up my camera and decided to take some pictures while we were playing outside with our neighbors.

He ended up taking over 100 pictures.  He loves how my SLR camera lets you take pictures so fast that when you review them it is like a movie.  John had so much fun taking pictures.  Here are some of his best!

He was able to capture our neighbor in mid-air on his skateboard - I think it is called landing a trick.

Grace walking around and around.

Morgan on her bike

Another mid-air trick by Tommy

And no artist's career is complete without a self portrait!

I think he may have a future career in photography!  I'm linking this post up to Nora's Favorite Foto Friday, even though I did not follow the topic (again!).  Please check out the other FFF posts here.

Happy Good Friday to everyone!  We are in the midst of reflecting on what today means and the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am humbled at the thought that if I was the only one on earth Jesus still would have died for ME.  I pray that you are able to take some time this weekend and reflect on the real reason for Easter.  The hope and promise in the cross and the fact that He is Risen!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


nora said...

Yea! Those are awesome pics and of course you need a handsome self portrait!

Thank you for the Easter well wishes! Hope you find the weekend to be restorative and energizing through faith.

noreen said...

Very impressive Anne. You may be right, he has a bright future ahead as a photographer! The skateboarder picture isn't even blurred! Have a Blessed Easter!