Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what's up - wednesday

I realized I was on the verge of letting a whole week go by without posting again.  So I decided to do a random post with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Grace has had a cold since Saturday night.  She has missed the past 3 days of school, her school has a teacher in service day tomorrow and she does not go on Fridays - so that means, she has missed another week of school because of a cold.  She completely stopped eating yesterday and had me really worried about dehydration, but she seems to be doing better today.  You can tell by the below picture she is still not feeling 100% better, but she sure is cute.

Luke went to a consignment store with me yesterday and he fell in love with a huge Spiderman doll toy.  He was hugging it and carrying it around the store - it was ever so cute.  So I bought it for him...

Both boy's baseball season's started this week.  And I'm really excited.  It will be difficult managing both practice and game schedules due to Mark working some nights and Grace having to be out so many nights but it means seeing friends again.  It also means that Spring is close, which is my favorite season.

Luke is playing T-ball for the first time and his team name is the Knights.  All the teams are professional farm team names, evidently the Knights are part of the White Sox organization and play in Colorado.  He has practice every Monday night and his games are on Saturdays.  He is really excited to be on the same team as a bunch of boys from his preschool class.  His first practice was Monday night from 6:30 - 7:30, and it was freezing cold.  At the end of practice the coach was talking about practice times and I said that it was a little late (our kids go to bed at 7:30 most nights).  Well several parents spoke up that it was hard to get there any earlier than 6:30 so moving would not work for them.  So the coach made the practice from 6:00 - 7:15, my friend said 'thanks, now practice is earlier and longer' - oops!

John is playing machine pitch since he is now a 7 year old and is on the Cubs.  Being a life long Phillies fan I was taught not to like the Cubs from a young age - but I'm going to make an exception for John.  His first practice was last night and it was SO cold.  The coaches are the same as last year and most of the boys are the same too.  But this year they are teaching them all the fundamentals of the game and the rules, since they actually play outs this year.  Should be a good year.

This is what John spelled with his snack after practice the other day;

I've never had my name spelled out in food before. 

Grace doesn't have the ability to play with other kids right now.  So she spends a lot of her time watching other kids play.  I thought this picture was a good example of how Grace spends most of her time, watching others play and do things.

Grace starts feeding therapy in a couple of weeks, she will have it every Friday.  We are very optimistic that this will work.  Our prayer is that she will soon be feeding herself and eating solid foods instead of pureed foods.

And that's what's up at our house this Wednesday.


Donna said...

Boy! You've got a lot going on! Sorry to hear Grace has been fighting a cold and missed two weeks of school.
As much as I miss saying good-bye to our chance of a snow (you got all my storms!), I am R-e-a-d-y for SPRING! And for us, that means soccer - woohoo!
Looking forward to seeing your b-ball pictures! Take care!

Anna said...

Great to read your update...poor Grace hope she is over her cold soon and can eat more. Also hope that the feeding therapy will be really beneficial for her.
Sounds busy with all the sport...hoping the weather warms up for you soon.

Take care,