Thursday, February 24, 2011

we are still here

I'm not sure what to say.  Another week got away from me.  But this time, it involved a child with a very high fever for 3 days and another child with 3 days off from school - and the end result was this mama got nothing much done.  One week of pushing the pause button is good.  It could be called refreshing, enlightening and even much needed rest.

Two weeks, not so much!

The boys have had a great time playing with their legos.  They love to build houses and towers and have all the super heros save the day.

John has spent the past 3 days fighting some sort of viral infection.  His fever started Monday and hovered between 102 and 103.8 for two days.  Even with ibuprofen and tylenol on board, his fever was crazy high.  It is gone now, but now he has a cough/cold and is tired from coughing so much and not sleeping well when his fever was 103.8 at night.  We are both exhausted.  I'm praying that he will sleep through the night tonight.  I'm pretty sure he will be home again tomorrow...

Sort of lost in all the sickness and tiredness, is the fact that Mark and I went away Sunday night  Yes, you read that right.  We got away!  It was great.  Our friends graciously took all 3 of our kids overnight - so we could get away.  We had so much fun.  It reminded me of the us that we used to be before children.  Not that I would change the us that we are now, but it is nice to step back into those days briefly.  Unfortunately, our friends may not offer to do that again.  John's fever started at their house and their daughter was up all night with croup. 

Hopefully, my kids will all be healthy next week and I can resume my regularly scheduled activities!!


Gardenia said...

poor lil guy. hope he's on the mend. legos is good "medicine" for illness. I know what you mean about the week getting away from you.

Anna said...

So sorry to hear that the kids have still been sick:( Its hard going when it goes on and on and the sleep deprivation takes hold.
Praying they'll all be better soon.

Wonderful to hear you got a night away with Mark...I love it when Peter and I get to do that as its such a treat (because its SO rare!)

Take care,