Monday, February 28, 2011

hint of spring

Yesterday we had some delightful weather.  It was so nice outside.  It was as if God decided to send February from these parts with a sunshine and a smile.  (I don't know why I like saying these parts, but I do.)

I must say, I am glad that tomorrow starts March.  I just don't like February.  Which is kind of crazy because it is the shortest month, but it is always cold and dreary here.  January is fun because it is after the holidays and there is still some excitement waiting for the first snow.  But after the cold and dark days of January, February is just more of the same.  March however, holds the promise of Spring.  Of crazy warm days followed by really cold days and even snow.  There is so much promise in March that I'm always glad to say goodbye to February.

My sentiments this year could be stronger about February because we are in the final stages of almost three weeks of illness.  But I'm happy to report that John went back to school today, he was really feeling better last week but I kept him home on Friday just to make sure.  Grace is in school today also, she was sick for a week and then had 3 days off from school.  So it felt like she hadn't been in a while - which was true.  Luke is home sick today because he had a fever Saturday and Sunday but is fine now and will go back to school on Wednesday.

Yesterday after all family nap time, we went outside to play in the driveway.  I love sidewalk chalk!  It is one of the best outside toys of all time.  I have never met a child that doesn't like to draw or write with it.  

John loves to draw.  His current craze is dragons.  His favorite book is Saint George and the Dragon.  Here he is drawing the dragon from that book and the Red Cross Knight.

He got really upset when I told him it was going to rain and his drawing would be gone in the morning.  Which to be honest, is a rookie mom mistake.  I mean really, why did I even mention it?  I knew he would be upset and the words popped out anyway.  I am trying to work so hard on intentionally using my words to be uplifting and full of grace - and I felt so bad after I told him that.  Because he totally would have forgotten about the drawing or he would have not been bothered by it being gone at all.  But because I told him the rain would wash it away, he got upset.  So I told him I'd take a picture of it so we would have a record of the 'best dragon I've ever drawn'...

I'm ending here with this random but super cute picture of Grace because her van will be here in a minute.  And I hate to be late getting her off the van.  Especially when I do things like fall asleep on the couch and they have to call me on my cell phone because repeated honking of the van horn  doesn't wake me up. Yup, did that a few weeks ago.  And then made up some lame excuse about being on the other side of the house and not hearing them honk...


Donna said...

Haha - I'm laughing at you sleeping on the couch while the bus honks! Too funny! Your second paragraph is so TRUE!! February is the worse month, plus I always spell it wrong! Who says Feb-RU-ary!?! lol
Looks like someone else in the family likes to play with sidewalk chalk! Either that or one of your kids has mad bubble letter writing skills!

Cheers to warm weather and to the horizon of Spring!

Melinda said...

Chalk is a big hit around our place too! And Grace just oozes cuteness!! So glad you're having such nice weather again!

Hannah said...

We love chalk's just fun :)

Once we get to February I start to do better, January is a rough month where I live. So thankful that it's March now!! Yay!

Gardenia said...

sidewalk chaulk already? how wonderful! we're praying for spring. still very chilly in these parts!

Anna said...

Great photos and hope that the kids are all better soon and stay well now. You've had a hard run the last few weeks by the sounds of it which is not fun.
Glad the weather is warming up a bit for might chase those winter bugs away:)
Take care,