Friday, January 21, 2011

times like these

We frequently have visitors at our table.  When snack time rolls around, I'm never sure how many will be seated at my table.  I can be heard saying that all are welcome.   

Be they big or small, furry or soft, stuffed or plastic.

We have an all are welcome policy at our table.

I pray that these are time times my boys, my precious children, remember.  The times that mommy said yes to stuffed animal friends at snack time, and even set out plates and food for the 'guests'.  The times that mommy played along with their silliness instead of following 'the rules'.  

Instead of the times I was short tempered, or too busy, or on my computer, or yelled at them to stop  {gasp} acting like children and do xyz task. 

Because, I know that when I look back on my children's childhood I will remember the times like these with longing and wish that they still invited stuffed animals to snack time.


Kim & Dave said...

Oh, that's convicting!! I hope my kids remember that, too.

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

How Sweet!! Love their visitors! May you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

nora said...

I picked Beth, because of your blog design - LOVED it. That slowing down and remebering that the kiddos will be old so fast has really started to sink in lately.

Happy Birthday to Grace and to you - those milestones are significant - I thought about you lots this week.

Linda said...

Thanks for making me tear up! You are so right- when we are on as parents, the memories are so sweet. And the other times, well we are only human. I just hope, as you do that the good times outnumber the bad, both in reality and in memory.

BC said...

What great moments you captured! I completely agree with everything you said! And is that pepperoni & cheese on crackers? YUM!