Monday, January 24, 2011

birthday weekend / party fun!

All three of our kids have winter birthdays.  Luke starts our New Year off with a birthday, followed a few weeks later by Grace's birthday on the 19th and then John's birthday is February 9th.  That is a whole lot of birthdays in a short period of time, especially since they start a week after Christmas.  So, we do one family birthday party for all three birthdays.

Mark's parents drive up or over depending on how geographically correct you are from West Virginia and spend a long weekend with us.  The kids just love having his parents here!  They came up last year for the birthday party but we had a blizzard and no one could make it to our house.  We were praying that that wouldn't happen again this year.

We had an abundance of presents for the kids.  This is the last picture I took that turned out until it was time for dessert.  After it was all over, Mark and I looked at each other and said, we should have video taped the party.  Well, maybe next year...

We had cousins to play with and eat desserts with

And nephew's to bite hold and kiss

Seriously, Colin could not be any cuter.  And I really think I heard him say that I was his favorite, really...

I channeled my inner baker and made Amanda's crack sugar cookies and decorated them with the kid's ages.  I did not have time to outline, flood and then pipe the numbers so I wasn't as happy with the results as I could have been but they still tasted awesome.  Thank God they are almost gone!

Here is Mark's mom with his cousin John, he is the one who introduced us (we met on a blind date).

The kids had a great weekend.  They stayed up too late, ate too many sweets, got too many presents and generally had the perfect weekend. 


Gardenia said...

wow, their birthdays are so close together. but what a great occasion to have the grandparents come visit! love the cookies. very creative. and cute pics. we too have a movie camera and never think to video anything.

Donna said...

You are doing such an awesome job blogging this year!!! Swoo! I'm so impressed! ;-)

LOVE the party and the pictures. And even more, I love the stories in between the pictures! ;-)

Looks like a good time was had by all. The cookies look way delcious and very festive. I may. may. try them myself!