Friday, January 14, 2011

so much better today

My sweet girl is almost fully recovered from her sledding accident...

As you can see there is still some swelling of her upper lip and she has a small round circle 'cut' above her lip.  But there is no bruising on her face, so it appears that she split her lip on the inside when she hit the fence.  Her thumb is healing nicely and she even put it in the water during her bath last night (the bandage was still on but it got a lot of the dried blood off of the cut).

She even felt good enough to start her day with some yoga!

Happy Long Weekend to all.  Mark is working both Saturday and Sunday but is off Monday.  And it is Respite Night at our church, so we are going on a date Saturday night!!  We are going to my favorite restaurant, The Farmhouse and we have gift cards from Christmas to use.  I'm super excited about spending time with my sweetie.

We are still Praising God that our sweet girl wasn't hurt more...  I'm linking this post to Nora's FFF link party.  Go check out her blog and share some love!


Donna said...

There she is!!! Looking sooooo much better today! So impressed with her getting the thumb wet despite the bandage/injury! My guys hate that!

Her little jammies and that little tousch are too much adorableness!

ENJOY your date night! Sounds divine! Have a great weekend, my friend.

Kim & Dave said...

She sure is a cutie! Love the yoga moves! Glad she wasn't seriously injured sledding!

nora said...

My goodness - I missed the news about her sledding event! So glad she is feeling better and even up for a little yoga!

Happy Friday - I am so glad you are linking up! I love reading your blog (I'm fairly faithful.)

Gardenia said...

bless her heart! she looks much better today!

Laurie said...

Aaaah she is tooo precious! Glad she is almost healed from her sledding accident.

Anna said...

Anne, I've been away on a conference this past week and have just caught up on your last few posts...poor Grace that looked like such a nasty fall for her:( Glad to hear that she is recovering well and she does look so much better in the recent photos.

And that is a great resolution to make that regular time for your quiet time each morning (and in such an inviting looking spot too:). I have started a reading the bible in a year program to get me back on track with regular bible reading and I'm loving it too. I'll have to check out those devotional books too that you've linked to as well as they sound great.

Take care,

Melinda said...

Poor sweet Grace, how tramatic that must've been. See, no good comes from least that's my moto :-) Glad she's doing well now.

I absolutely adore that last photo of Grace. Love the little smirk on her face and her bright eyes too. Beautiful, beautiful girl!!