Monday, January 17, 2011

six years

This weekend we 'celebrated' John's 6th Homecoming Anniversary.  I put celebrate in quotes because we don't have a party to celebrate it, it is more of a celebration in my heart.  I remember the day six years ago clearly.  We had a not so good adoption experience and a not so good pick up trip experience but all of that most of the details have blurred in my memory.  However, the day we came home and brought him through immigration and the Agent at the gate said 'welcome home' is forever burned in my memory.  I felt as if I could finally relax, I could finally take a deep breath, I could finally be a mom.

And so six years later, we have a day in which all the joy I have ever felt at becoming a mommy comes to the surface and I can't stop hugging and kissing this sweet boy.

He even played along when I asked him to hold up six fingers to signify the number of years he has been home (an idea I stole borrowed from Hannah).

I must admit that I did get a little sad when I realized how quickly six years had gone by.  And then because I'm sad to think my kids would ever leave me and because my mind takes amazing leaps sometimes, I got upset to realize he would be gone in 12 years.  My husband did not follow my rationale even after I told him that 6+6 was 12 and that was why I got upset.  Okay, it was not the most logical argument I've ever made - but he did admit that the first six years had indeed flown by.  And then we shared our sweet memories of John's first day home with each other and looked at pictures of how little he was and how young we were and I got emotional all over again...


Gardenia said...

happy anniversary pf your heart. those kinds can be so meaningful, especially when it's a flooding of the heart and a swelling of pride and joy inside us. We don't "celebrate" the day we became family -- maybe it's the referral day, or the first time we held her, or the day we brought her home on US soil (oh that was emotional for me too), but every day is family day in my heart. I know how you feel, friend. time flies too fast.

Hannah said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love the number picture too...We love that shot :)

He is getting to be such a big guy and obviously a sweetheart :)

Anna said...

Happy Gotcha Day for John!!
Time goes so fast doesn't it.
Our Sarah has been with us now for 7 years!! I love looking back at their photos when we first met them.

SO blessed aren't we!!


BC said...

So I'm late on this one too but Happy Homecoming Anniversary Day John! This may be adding salt to the wound in terms of him growing up too fast but I feel like that last picture of him holding up 6 fingers makes him look so grown up! What a handsome young man he is going to be!

I love that you shared that memory of getting through immigration and finally being able to take a breath and feel like your baby is officially yours and he's home. I have such respect for everything you and Mark must have gone through.