Thursday, January 6, 2011

random pictures

I sat down to do a wordless wednesday post just now and realized that it is actually thursday and has been all day.  So instead I'm going to post some recent pictures of my kids and hopefully get the courage to post the other post I've been working on.

Here are some more pictures from Luke's birthday.  I always do cupcakes for the kid's birthdays.  Not only is it easier to make cupcakes than a whole cake  but cupcakes allow everyone who wants to to blow out a candle.

Sometime Grace does things make me smile.  One of those things is that she likes to take the couch cushions off the couch and walk around with them.

Then she puts them on the floor and attacks them.  It is funny to watch...

I really liked this picture of her.  She was sitting in the playroom doorway using her hands to play with the cutting vegetables.  Even though the sun is behind me and I'm sure it is all wrong from a professional photography standpoint, I just love the way the sun is hitting her face and the shadow behind her.

Another thing that Grace loves to do is walk across the couch.  She climbs up and then walks back and forth, back and forth.  And she squeals with joy while she is doing it.  Here she is enjoying herself on the couch.  I just love that smile.

It occurred to me recently that John hasn't gotten much face time on the blog recently.  I'm not sure why I haven't taken his picture recently, it probably because he is in school full days now and so I spend less time with him than I do the other two.  But here he is in all his cuteness!!

And that about wraps up my randomness for the day, Thursday that is not Wednesday!


Gardenia said...

my daughter is equally interested in couch pillows and tossing them everywhere, and walking across the couch, and on the top of the couch !

Anna said...

Great photos and Grace made me smile with her attacking the lounge cushions:)
Its a good photo of John too.
Take care,