Monday, January 3, 2011

one little word 2011

My word for 2011 is intentional.

In the back of my mind I had been thinking of the need to choose my word for some time but not really focusing on picking a word.  Well, I have been hearing this word a lot lately and suddenly realized that it would be the perfect word for me to focus on.

1. done with intention or on purpose; intended.
2. of or pertaining to intention or purpose.

I think this is the perfect word for me because it will force me to focus myself on my choices.  I want to be more intentional primarily in two areas; 1) my relationships - specifically with God, Mark, my kids, my sisters, my mom, my friends and any other relationships that are important to me and 2) my time - I want to use my time with focus and intent as it relates to my relationships and my responsibilities.  I am already thinking of some relationships and responsibilities that I want to strengthen and go deeper with and others that I am ready to let go of.

I am excited by the new year and the new word and all the possibilities in front of me.  I was inspired to select a word by Ali Edward's.  You can read Ali's blog here.


Gardenia said...

it's a beautiful word. foot out in front, looking forward, determined -- these are what I think of when I hear that word. blessings to you Anne in reaching your goals of intention this year.

Anna said...

I like it Anne...I might have to use that one too. I think its a great word...our life isn't lived in a haphazard, random way but rather in a well thought out, focused, positive directional way with purpose.
Great word Anne!
Thanks for sharing it.

Hannah said...

great word. Last year I had a word and it really did help at moments. I have my word for this year but haven't decided if I am going to post it.