Thursday, December 2, 2010

decorating the christmas tree

We finally did it!  We decorated our Christmas tree.  And I have the obligatory hanging the first ornament pictures to prove it!

John and Luke were really excited to put the ornaments up.  But then Luke found that snowman ornament and decided he would rather play with the ornament than decorate the tree.  So John put up 85 % of the ornaments, Luke put up 14 and Grace put up 1.  Literally, Grace put up one ornament and actually (since she doesn't use her hands for any real purposeful movement) Daddy held the ornament while Grace stood by the tree and looked cute.  However, she stood next to the tree while I had the video camera out, so there is no photo to prove she helped but in her own way she did.

Luke has since asked me to cute the string off the snowman.  So it is no longer an ornament for the tree but a toy that he slept with and brought to Walm@rt.  One that he put down on the toy shelf and forgot until we were almost done in the store.  Thankfully, it was still where he put it down!

I love the way the kids decorated the tree and hope to get a picture of the entire tree tonight.  It totally makes me smile to see all the ornaments clumped together on the bottom branches and 2-3 per branch.  I have a friend who re-decorates her tree after the kids go to bed so they won't realize she moved the ornaments.  Maybe because my dream of being a mom was so delayed (according to my plan), but it is things like that that make being a mom so sweet.  I get teary eyed over the hand made ornaments and can't wait to add this year's batch to the tree.  I look happily into the future and see a tree covered in preschool angels with my kids faces as ornaments and glitter balls with WAY too much glitter and glue.  It is these 'imperfect' ornaments that make my tree perfect!!

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Gardenia said...

hurray for getting the tree decorated. we now have ours up but no decorations yet. tonight we'll start and hopefully make a dent! gret pics of the boys and Grace.