Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lazy Days

This weekend we have done a whole lot of nothing.  Which is just what we needed after a very busy and hectic week.  Mark has had to work most of the weekend so the kids and spent most of our time inside.  We have watched movies, colored, read books, snuggled, baked and just generally laid low.  The weather here has finally changed (I think for good) and it is cold.  We are getting out the winter jackets, hats, mittens, and extra blankets.  And for some reason, Grace loves {I mean really loves} to sit in the basket I use for extra blankets in our living room.  She got in and out of it several times the other day when watching her video.

Not the best shot but I wanted to capture where the basket is in the room.
It is sort of wedged between the TV stand and a chair.  And by the way,
she is watching a Neighborhood Animals by Baby Einstein
 which has been a favorite of all my kids.

 She just stood here picking up her leg and putting it down.  I wish 
her PT could see her now.  We worked on this skill for months and she never 
did accomplish it with Ruth.

I love this close up.  I cropped it so it was just her face and tried to play with 
the color and saturation (I'm still learning).

 And here is one from today after church.  She pulled all the blankets out and sat in it for a while

These are the times that I dreamed about all the years we struggled to have a family.  They are so sweet now that they are here, we just wish Daddy didn't have to work weekends!!


Cheryl (in Buffalo) said...

So sweet :) I love her smile in the first picture....

Donna said...

Ohmygosh - I never realized you were a single-mom-on-the-weekends, too! I'm so grateful Gary is around two days during the week, but boy, do we miss him on the weekends.

Anne - your blog, your pics and your posting are off the wall!! I think that's slang for AWESOME! haha Truly - I feel so lame and incompetent compared to the going ons over here! Maybe I'll up my game!

I love Grace's basket! I love that you've recorded that moment.
And I can't believe how much she's "talking" and doing now. She (and you) have worked so hard for all of accomplishments. What a sweet little girl and one tireless Mommy!

Anna said...

I love all those photos of Grace...she looks so cute in that basket and very comfortable even though it mustn't really be:)

And I love weekends like that too when you can just relax at home and not have to rush anywhere or do anything much...sadly they seem to be few and far between.

Take care,

Hannah said...

Love Grace in a basket. Dmitry used to do that too..only it was a clothes basket.

I thought the pictures were great and told the story well :)