Friday, November 12, 2010


My boys want a pet.  Super bad, in the worst way.  They talk about wanting a dog, but not too big of a dog.  Or maybe a cat, but they don't want it to grow up because they love kittens.  We go though phases with the requests but it is a consistent theme.  We want a pet. 

I too love animals and fondly remember the dog of my childhood.  I even had 2 cats until we moved into our new home.  So I could be defined as a pet person.  But I am not prepared to take on any additional things (people or animals) that need to be taken care of.  I have always told the boys that when everyone in the house was potty trained, we would consider a pet.  However, since that may not be a realistic goal in our home, I feel like we need to come up with a better answer.  Because they are relentless in their requests.

The other day, they were pretending to be house cats.  And let me tell you they were in character!  They were carrying their stuffed animals around in their mouths while they crawled from room to room and even up and down the stairs.  They came over to be petted and would make purring noises.  It was really funny.

I jokingly said to Mark, 'I'm not making dinner, I'm just going to put milk in a bowl on the floor for them'.  Well, they loved that idea.  So that's what I did.

 So here are my new pets

The boys loved it.  They thought it was the GREATEST thing in the WORLD that I would let them drink milk from a bowl.  It is one time I'm glad I said yes, instead of no.  And even funnier than that was Mark saw them and said 'did you get some pictures, because that would make a funny blog post'.  Which just made me laugh because now he is thinking about our life in terms of blog posts.

I'm linking up to Hannah's Favorite Foto Friday blog party, even though once again I'm not following the theme.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  It is going to be in the 60's and sunny AND Mark is not working! 


Donna said...

Oh. MY. Gosh!! US, too!!! Every morning I have to wake up and take care of the "kitties." Instead of kisses, I get licked! Austin daily asks if today is the day we are going to the pet-store to get a hamster!!

And actually, we are currently in serious discussion about adopting a 5-year old cat! We'll see.

You're kitties are adorable!! LOVE that you ran with the idea and helped keep them "in character!!"

Gardenia said...

haha, very funny. my daughter is the same way. lovesloves pretending she is a "little baby puppy." and she did the water in the puppy dish too. they have such imaginations at these ages, but no we are not getting a pet end of story! :) we're having good weather too and hope it continues thru the wkend.

Hannah said...

That is too funny! I am SO not letting Sophia see this one :)

Stacey and Dewey said...

To cute!!! Darling boys, I'm partial to Luke (we have one too :)Our boys are asking for a dog too. We have two dogs but they are both older and were around long before the kids. They keep asking for a "fun, nice" dog. We are in no hurry to grant their wish :)

Anna said...

That is SO funny Anne...they look hilarious:)

What a good idea too:)

Enjoy your weekend,


Lund7 said...

I bet the boys remember that for a long time...Special memories of just being silly! My kids are relentless in asking for a pet too. I also feel that my plate is pretty full right now and I know that I will ultimately be the one to care for the pet!

Grace sounds like she is making amazing progress! What a beauty!!

Melinda said...

We've been getting hit hard with the whole pet thing too! Crista wants a cat sooooooo bad. I'm just not sure I want that additional responibility right now. We are thinking of getting her a fish though.

And if Crista see this post, I'll be serving her meals in a bowl too!