Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New pictures for my blog

I am working with someone to redesign my blog and she asked me to send her the pictures I want to use on my sidebar.  So I thought it would be fun to take some new pictures of the kids today.  This is what I got for my efforts...

That is John showing off his incredible collection of silly bands.  And yes, covering his face at the same time.  

And here is the picture I got of Luke.  Just an arm and three measly silly bands.

But I think Grace wins this round.  Sweet thing just crawled away and would not stay still for her picture.  It was actually hilarious to her and she was belly laughing as she was escaping.

New pictures for my blog, not so much!!  I'm just going to use some other pictures I have of the kids and pretend they are new ones...


Gardenia said...

don't you hate that. happens all the time here too. just as the camera cmes out, my daughter hides her face. looking for ward to seeing your blog changes.

Hannah said...

My kids do that too. I am actually TRY to get some thing it is hard work. If I just pull out the camera for fun they are all over it.

Anna said...

Hi Anne,
Its good to be back and catch up on your news. Happy belated Birthday too! Love the large cookie that you got from the boys...that looked very yummy. Hope you had a special day.

And can't wait to see your new blog once its finished.

Hope things are going ok for you all.

We had a great time too in Tonga...wonderful family time and to see our kids cultural heritage was amazing and so worthwhile.

Take care,
Anna xx