Monday, July 26, 2010

Up, Up and Away

One thing Luke loves to do is jump.  He is often jumping off of furniture in our house.  Luke has always had a need for sensation and movement.  He just has a need to move that other kids do not have.  Additionally, Luke has amazing body control and upper body strength. When Mark comes home from work he often asks to be thrown into the air.  So daddy will pick him up, throw him high up in the air (in our two story living room) and then catch him on his way back down.  Luke has started to impersonate his favorite super hero Spiderman when he is being thrown by daddy or when he jumps off furniture.   Which means he will be in the air and spin his body so he can web a person (real or imagined).

So as you can imagine, he loves jumping into the pool.  When we were at the beach he spent many hours jumping into the pool.  But the times he loved best were when daddy threw him into the pool.  I forgot to take my video camera to the beach so here are some still camera pictures frame by frame of the throw, spin and webbing and landing...

As you can see, Mark was able to through him pretty high up in the air (Mark is right around 6'2").  Luke walked into the room when I was posting this and said, 'I want to do that again :)'. 

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Anna said...

Thats great!! He sounds like a really fun, adventurous little boy Anne:)

Great photos and Mark is strong to be able to throw him so high.