Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Ordinary Things, Days and Moments

The other day I realized that I haven't taken too many pictures of just the ordinary things we are doing during the summer.  And then I read posts on several blogs with really great pictures of what their ordinary day things look like.  It made me realize I really do want to capture the ordinary moments because that is where the family magic happens.  I will never forget my mother saying things like 'friends will come and go but you will always have your sisters' and let me tell you, some days that was more threat than promise of future friendship.  But now that I am a mother of siblings I realize just how true that is and how much we do to ensure that the ties that bind our family together are not only strong but built on a solid foundation of shared experiences.

So last week I took the camera out when the kids and I were hanging out out front.  I decided I wanted a really great picture of Grace and the evening light seemed to be good.  But I find it hard to capture a great picture of Grace because of a) my photography skill or lack of skill (or maybe it is because I still haven't taught myself any photoshop editing to clean things up) and b) she is very hard to photograph because she constantly flaps her arms or walks away.  But anyway here are a few pictures from our ordinary day...

We were out on our driveway and it was WAY too hot to be running around so we started drawing with chalk.  Since Grace doesn't / won't use her hands, she was just watching.  I thought this was an adorable picture of her in her summer outfit.  She just started tolerating crocs so I bought her a faux pair and she was adorable!

The boys started fighting so I told them to lay down and I would trace them.  They thought is was hysterical.  And then they started tracing each other.  It looked like a really bad crime scene by the time they were done.

Grace likes to get really close to the action. 

Here is the best picture I could get of Grace.  She is in mid-flap with her arms and not looking at the camera but it captures where she is right now and I think she looks beautiful.

When Grace's van pulled up the next day the driver and aide jokingly said, "I hope everything is okay here".  There were about 15 body tracings when we were done.  It was just an ordinary moment and ordinary thing to do, but it sure was fun!


Hannah said...

I love your "crime scene" driveway! That looks like fun :)

Gardenia said...

A beautiful "shot" of Grace -- no pun intended. love the tracings. my little one likes to trace me and my clothes get so full of chalk in the process -- oh that she would have a sibling to do it to instead! how blessed your kiddos are to have eachother, to journey together thru life.

BC said...

Hi Anne! I didn't even know you had a blog until I saw your comment on mine!

I am so glad you too, are taking on the challenge of a blog. It is my absolute favorite hobby in recent years and a cherished journal.

These photographs of your "everyday life" are absolutely beautiful. I love telling a story with my photos and you did a great job of that!! What a great idea to trace the kids with chalk...I will have to try that one!

The last photo of Grace is fantastic. Great buttery light, slightly blurred background, and the beautiful subject is in perfect focus. I also like how you captured her slightly off-centered which makes for a more interesting composition.

I am now bookmarking your blog. :)


Anna said...

Wonderful photos and Grace looks so gorgeous in the last one.

Looks like a fun often seem to have the most fun doing those ordinary things don't they!

Cherylinbuffalo said...

Our driveway has looked like that before too!! Will Grace let you trace her? That was one of the things Isabella learned to tolerate in OT last summer :) I agree...The photo of Grace is beautiful...but then they all are!