Monday, February 8, 2010

Instead of a party we had a...


The snow started Friday night about 6:00PM, right when they said it would. And it snowed all night and most of Saturday. When it was all said and done, we had somewhere between 24 - 28 inches of snow on the ground. So, no one was able to venture out Saturday to our house for the kids birthday party. Thankfully, my in-laws were here so we did celebrate with the kids and they got some presents but it wasn't the party we were expecting.

And I took mainly video of the party part of the day, so here are just a few pictures that I had on my camera.

Grace in her birthday shirt

John with the table full of presents. Luke and Grace got most of their presents on their birthdays, so most of the presents were for John.

My sweet boy!

Another picture of the presents on the table

Spiderman cake from the grocery store. This is the first year I have bought the cake because I was planning on making cupcakes too and didn't want to do all that baking. As it turned out I didn't have to bake at all. And I may not go back to baking my own cakes...

John while we were singing Happy Birthday to him

Blowing out the candles

Luke opened his presents, ate his dinner and left the table. This is not unusual for him, so I thought he was playing in our playroom. But he wasn't. He had gone over to the couch and was sleeping under a blanket. The poor boy was so tired from having house guests and playing the in snow for hours. So he was actually crying right before this picture was taken and only stopped to blow out the candles!

The kids had a great time playing in the snow Sunday while Mark and I finished shoveling our driveway. Because of the 'blizzard like' wind, there were some crazy snow drifts in our yard. Here are some pictures of John and Luke playing to show you how deep it was.

And the great news is, we are getting another storm this week!! I'm sort of kidding because I'm sick of winter but I do get a kick out of everyone freaking out (I know that's not nice). They are reporting we could get another 12-18 inches on top of what we already have. I hope that if we do they cancel school. I love snow days!!


Anna said...

Anne that is SO much snow...but it looks so beautiful at the same time:)
Such a different life from us here where we never get snow where I live...its humid and hot here right now.

I love all the photos and sorry the kids couldn't have their party, but looks like they still had fun which is great.

Take care and stay warm:)


Gardenia said...

great pics of the boys in the snow. cute little girlie in her birthday shirt. great spiderman cake. why bake when you can get one of those!!

Amanda said...

I love the pictures and it looks like they had a fantastic time!! Happy Birthday!!

(sorry those silly cookies were late!)


Melinda said...

Anne, I'm catching up on all my blogs...I'm so behind! I LOVE Grace's shirt! So cute!! Where did you get it?!