Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forts are Fun!!

The other day the boys wanted to have PJ day. And they know that if we have no where to go, I will always say 'Yes' to PJ day. So they built a fort in our big chair and played their leapster games in the chair fort for about an hour. I just love it when they play nice and get along so well.

We are supposed to have the kids birthday party this weekend. We are having a family party and Mark's parents and youngest sister and her two kids are coming up (or over) from West Virginia today. I'm hoping that the blizzard they are now calling for doesn't cancel the party. But thankfully, I'm a stockpiler so we will be able to eat for 4 weeks if necessary :)

I ordered cookies from Amanda of 'i am baker' fame for the party and this preview has me VERY anxious to get the cookies. I can't wait for the kids to see them!! She is an amazingly talented woman and very nice. I'd love to meet her in person!


Gardenia said...

wow, those cookies are beautiful! love the lightning mcqeen car -- it looks just like the outline of him! oh your kiddos will love those cookies. how nice that family is traveling to see you all. hope they avoid the snow storm. and when you get a moment, I know you talked about the leapsters before, but could you tell me exactly what they are called and what versions (games) you got them... I know you said they are educational. it is truly great that your boys have eachother -- perfect budies for life.

Rena said...

Looks like such fun!!
We miss you all so much and hope that your schedule quiets down soon so we can visit!

Anna said...

I hope the party goes ahead as planned for you and I have just spent ages looking at the 'I am baker' blog. She is so amazing and clever! It all looks very yummy and the boys cookies look fantastic. I think they'll love them I'm sure.

And very cute pics of the boys on their pj day:)

Take care,


Amanda said...

I hope you got them ok... remember, if there were any problems, let me know! (I still have your check!)