Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boxes are FUN!!

Yesterday I had an empty box laying in our kitchen waiting to be taken out to the garage. Grace was walking around (or doing her laps as we call it) and decided to climb into the box. This was the first time EVER that she has done something like that. I was a tad bit concerned with her safety so I waited until she was completely in the box to take pictures.

Here are some pictures of her once she was in the box and playing. Please, please ignore her hair. I wanted to re-do it for the pictures but I knew she would climb out if I did...

Again, please ignore the disorder to her hair. I can't believe how bad it looks - but she was having fun!

Then because Grace was having fun and getting attention, Luke decided to play in the box. He was pretending to be a kitty cat. Which is his favorite thing to pretend to be. He asks me for a cat on a daily basis. I would give in and get him (them) one but Mark is adamantly opposed to cats. It could have something to do with the cat, Max, I had when we met and got married. This cat was possessed and didn't like anyone but me, seriously to the day he left our home he attacked Mark every chance he got. So for now, Luke pretends to be a cat :)


Gardenia said...

Grace's hair is so cute. no worries == she is a beautiful little one. My girlie wants only a pony tail on top and nothing more. so I say ok, and let t go!! that sounds like a good milestone to me -- Grace climbing into the box -- cute too how children find the oddest things to play with. cute cat story too and big brother Luke got in on the fun!

Lund7 said...

It always amazes me that we can spend tons of money on expensive toys but it's always the free stuff like empty boxes and wrapping paper that hold the most interest!

My teenagers hair looks like that most days too! Grace is so cute!

Donna said...

Awwwww - Anne - she is SOOOOO cute! Messy hair and all! which I don't think looks nearly half as bad as you seem to think! How neat to see her out and exploring!

btw - I have two kittycats. They "force" me to be the Mommy kitty cat and "lick" them in the morning as a way of saying "good mornng, kitty!"

And pray tell, what was IN the OTC box!?! New stuff? lol I love THAT store!

Hannah said...

That is adorable. Both my kids love a good box. why is that?

Her hair is adorable and trust me it looks 200% better than Sophia's most days!