Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lunch Break

Yesterday when I was fixing the kids lunch, they said we want to eat over here. I thought they meant at our kitchen table which is in a breakfast nook area just off the kitchen instead of the island in our kitchen. But this is what I found when I brought them their meals.

They brought their school / coloring table over so that they could have lunch together and then I sat Grace there too. I love how John and Luke are best friends.


Gardenia said...

I learned growing up in a family with five children that siblings are your best friends, for life. how blessed they are to have eachother to travel through life with.

Anna said...

That is so sweet and love the photos of Grace in your previous post that I missed...she is keeping you on your toes by the looks of it getting into everything!

Wishing you and your wonderful family a very special and happy Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. And all the best for 2010.

Thanks for your friendship from afar through our blogs...I really appreciate it.