Monday, November 30, 2009

Rebuild, Rebuild, Rebuild

This is my first post on our new family blog. Our old blog or 'With God All Things are Possible' was accidentally deleted when I was doing some clean up of old email addresses. I am very sad to see the old blog go, since it was 2 years of our family's lives but I am looking forward to this new blog and keeping updated with my posting.

Grace has continued with her walking skills and is now officially a walker. She walks everywhere and all the time. It is so precious!! She also learned to get up from the ground without pulling up on anything. Which is a huge skill, but something she needed over Thanksgiving to keep up with all the older kids.

I'm going to do a few posts of just pictures to get updated and hopefully will be able to renew my connections with all of my blogger friends :)

1 comment:

Kim & Dave said...

Oh, I would be crushed if this happened to our blog!!! So sad for you!

This one is lovely, too, though!

You are more than welcome to "steal" my Christmas Scrapbook idea! I hope it gives you guys a lot of fun times together.